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Bookings Management

SmartPark provides the usual tools that you’d expect with a bookings management system – 24/7 online bookings return return and secure payments, admin schedule screen, availability checker, postcode look-up, automated emails return return and invoice generation etc etc. So what makes it different – what makes it better?

SmartPark goes to the next level of innovation.

Need to move a booking onto a different pitch or change the booking dates? Simply drag and drop the booking to the new location. SmartPark asks for verification of the move, showing you both the existing and proposed details, to avoid unintentional errors.

Our quick and simple 3 step online booking process makes the booking of a holiday easy and painless for your customers, resulting in greatly reduced rates of drop out during the process. Secure online customer area lets them pay their deposit and return at any point to update the booking or make payments.

Group and rally bookings are made simple. Yes you can assign a “group name” to quote for those who want to pay individually when making their bookings. But now, you can also cater for those who want to control the whole process from a single customer reference – by using our revolutionary single group booking with multiple bookings inside feature – ideal where an individual wants to make multiple bookings for their group and take care of payments for all members.

The multi-user system that works from any location and on any device with internet access, can be easily configured to set permissions for you, your managers, your staff and anyone else who needs access, so that they only see and interact with what they need.

Our unique Alerts Centre ensures that everyone knows what they need to do on a daily basis return return and dedicated “apps” such as “Bookings Quick View”, make life easier on Park, for you return return and your customers.

A quick virtual demo in the comfort of your own office will demonstrate just how SmartPark could make a big difference to your business?

But don’t just take our word for it!

Why not request a free virtual demo? 15 minutes is all we need to demonstrate that SmartPark is a no-brainer for you and your staff – whatever the size of your park and whatever the accommodation types you offer.

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